We love plants

Wētā are herbivores and we love plants too. Our cutting-edge Ecoware coffee cups and lids are plant-based and compostable, limiting our impact on the environment. Or how about grabbing one of our planet-saving Wētā Coffee bullet cups? They’re a stylish and reusable cup for coffee-on-the-go created with sustainability in mind.

We Compost

Wētā love to make their home in logs and are one of nature’s composters, so we like to follow their lead. You can return your disposable cups to us for composting or pop them into your home compost. Our organic waste, made up of cups, lids, coffee chaff and grounds, is collected weekly by We Compost in Mangere Bridge, where it is returned to soil enriching, organic matter.

 Supporting Giant Wētā at Auckland Zoo

Since 2014, we have made a contribution from every coffee sold in-store to support the Auckland Zoo Wētā Conservation Programme, helping to fund the captive breeding and release of our endangered wētā friends.